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Freehold vs leasehold condos – Which is the ...

May 02, 2017
99 years, 999 years, and Freehold: Defining the terms A freehold property can be held by the owner indefinitely. A [more]
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Singapore property market: Get ready for the...

Sep 05, 2016
NEAR the peak of the property cycle in 2013, I recall walking into a showroom one Saturday morning to be greeted by [more]
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Perils of owning ageing leasehold properties

Mar 22, 2016
A week ago, Singapore permanent resident Ms Lew was just calculating the remaining lease on her 700 sq ft, three-ro [more]
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Singapore property prices to double by 2030:...

Mar 21, 2016
Morgan Stanley expects property prices to increase by 5 to 6 per cent per annum. The protracted downtrend in Singap [more]
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7 important considerations when buying under...

Mar 04, 2016
Singaporeans have acquired a taste for under-development properties, for three reasons: the discounts are steep, we [more]
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